We all have something we face or struggle with and every obstacle puts us right back to square one or even worse off than we were before , yes challenges are going to come. This world was equipped with challenges but if we look at the accomplishments in our history it’s pretty obvious that we were meant to overcome, we were meant to  win, we were meant to move through defeat towards the eventual “sigh of victory “. However here are some things that prevents you from success:

  • THE WRONG “WHY”.  

There is  nothing more debilitating to  any endeavor if one has the wrong “why”,  meaning “why are you doing what you do?”. If your “why” is weak, anything will stop you in your tracks. You have to have this “why” to move through your obstacles,and naturally the stronger your “why”, the more chances you have at winning. Think about your motivation for succeeding, is it so strong that even the biggest disaster would not hinder your progression and desire to win?  It is important that you have a “why” and that is where your focus should be right now. Find your “why”.


Your attitude can make or break you as well. If you believe you’re a failure,then you are, if you believe you’re a success,then you are. You’re a success and your time is coming for you to reap the harvest. Think up,and use that word as a reminder to always sit up,walk straight,talk clearly and move about like you have a strong purpose because you do. That intentional decision to live purposefully puts you in the drivers seat and keeps your attitude in check. You’re going to win.




Many of us can see  this pretty clearly , we know we have bad habits but are just too focused on other things to give changing any intentional efforts, (for example procrastination) but perhaps other life stresses keep us from making the extra effort to quit. But many of us have no idea we are doing things everyday unconsciously that are damaging our extra ordinary results that could actually springboard us . Paying attention to the daily habits  each day can set us up for success or failure, spend time and ask yourself  “is this action moving me forward or away from my goals.”   



Do you want to increase  your chances and arrive much faster?  Then surround yourself with people who are going to lift you up, challenge you when you need it and be your biggest cheerleaders when you do win. The people in our lives have so much influence that if we really stepped back and studied the impact they have on our “mindset”, our “why” and even our “habits “ , it would astound us. We are not victims of the people in our lives,but the world that were reflecting around us is a victim of the choices we make on the kinds of relationship and input we allow to take root.


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