The world has a lot of “dreamers” young and old but only the “doers”shape the planet, Many humans have great dreams , Ideas and aspirations but are often stuck when it comes to actualizing such dreams,some people say to themselves “My idea is not big enough , why worry?, Some as a result of financial constraints give up, others give up on their idea without first giving it a try.

Here are some tips to guide your idea and help in actualizing;

  • Know Exactly What You Want.

At first new ideas seem very exciting but will it stand the test of time, you have to know if your idea has a mission or a vision, because a good idea attracts and inspires people to want to rally around the greater cause.

  • Find Out If There Is A Market For Your Idea.

People spend money on products and services that that solve problems quickly for them. Even if your idea is one that has been done before you should add an innovative  twist that puts you above the competition.

  • Is Your Idea Scalable

A good business idea must have room for expansion, one should certainly start with a foundation that you can build and expand on overtime as the market grows and changes.

  • Is  It  Profitable

In order to be successful in business you have to make money, your products and services must have low investments and high profit margin.

Irrespective of the above some business ideas are never actualized which begs  the question why are most ideas never actualized?

                       Why Most Ideas Are Never Actualized

Everyone has their own approach to generating ideas, there is no best way to be creative but when it comes to the process of executing the ideas we all face one challenge in particular “Sticking with it” (CONSISTENCY), It is easier to achieve one goal than to set out 50 goals and achieve none.

Consistency is the most important factor of success not motivation, knowledge or skills . Consistency can be tough, hence one most learn to take baby steps to overcome challenges  and utilize resources effectively on your road to success. Making ideas happen is not easy and requires patience,determination and hard work.

Growing a business or an idea is not about coming up with a promising concept but rather about rethinking over and over before going ahead  to implement.

Always keep in mind that having a dream you can’t pursue is like buying an ice cream cone and watching it melt  all over your hand.. It Is Never To Late To Build On That Idea.







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