If you are a small and growing company, you may not need a big office. You may not even need an office at all if you are mostly on the road.

However, while working from home is cost-effective, it sometimes is not the most efficient and professional way to get your growing company off the ground.

Here are a few cost saving options for your small and growing business:

VIRTUAL OFFICE allows you to use a Prestigious Business Address and the use of Meeting Rooms as and when required. We also give you Hot-Desk facilities, so that you actually have a place to work whenever you don’t want to work from home. They are great if you are an ENTREPRENEUR without partner or employees, and spend most of your time meeting with other people at their premises or at restaurants / coffee shops

Our Virtual office service offer a recognizableadd business address that you can provide on your business cards and letterheads, a phone number and an executive to handle calls and answer mails on your behalf.

Other facilities include lounges, IT services for hassle-free operations and Conference rooms available on a PAY-PER-USE BASIS, with easy online or telephonic booking options.

Another interesting concept that can help newbie entrepreneurs and start-ups save money and effort is co-working in a WORKSTATION / SHARED OFFICE or people from different, and often related, segments working out of a common office. Shared Office OR workstation offers a collaborative environment where people do their own thing but also network and offer each other their services.

“You learn the best practices by being exposed to the various tools others use around you and this gives start-ups, particularly small teams, a social place to work,” says Nakul Mathur, director-India, Avanta,

The beauty of it all is discovering familiar strangers, which is rare in an isolated corporate setting.

Our Workstation allows you to use the office whenever you need it and you don’t have to pay for time or space you don’t need, as the service on hourly basis. With access to other facilities you business is off to a good start.

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